Nadia Fernandez


Nadia Fernandez de Pinedo is a Senior Lecturer of Economic History at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid (Spain) where she teaches Spanish Economic History, World Economic History and Economic Divergence in Historical Perspective.

She completed undergraduate and doctoral degrees at the Universidad del País Vasco and a postdoctoral research at Warwick University. During her doctoral studies she has stayed as researcher at universities and research centres in Cuba, United Kingdom and France. Her general area of interest lies in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Spanish and Caribbean history.

Her research interests revolve around the interactions between the emergence of transnational networks and the globalisation of the world economy between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Her published research includes extensive work on Cuban overseas trade and technology: El comercio exterior y la fiscalidad de Cuba, 1790-1864 (2002); Las balanzas inéditas del comercio exterior de la Habana de 1803 a 1807 (2000). 

She is currently a member of the Group of Innovation, Business and Commerce ( where she has embarked on a project for examining Cuban IPRs, technology transfer processes, and institutions. Among previous publications related with the topic 'Circuits of Knowledge: Foreign Technology and Transnational Expertise in Nineteenth-century Cuba' (2015) or 'Patents, sugar technology and sub-imperial institutions in nineteenth-century Cuba (History of Technology, 2011).

In addition, she has also written widely on topics related to fabric distribution and consumption in Spain as "Distribution of English Textiles in the Spanish Market at the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century" (RHE-JILAEH, 2013) and "A taste for French style in Bourbon Spain: food, drink and clothing in 1740s Madrid" (Bloomsbury, 2016).