Luca Mola

Luca Mola was born and grew up in Venice, where I received my first degree in history at Ca' Foscari University in 1989. From 1990 to 1996 he did an MA and a Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. In 1997-98 he taught at the University of Venice, Department of Economics.

In 1998-99 he was a fellow of the Harvard Center for Italian Renaissance Studies at Villa I Tatti in Florence. He has been a lecturer at the University of Warwick since autumn 1999. In the spring of 2006 he has been invited as Directeur d'Études at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris.

Since 2008 he teaches the graduate course Cultures of Technology in the Renaissance for the Victoria and Albert Museum-Royal College of Art MA in the History of Design in London. He has recently been appointed as Director of the Centre for the History of Innovation and Creativity (CHIC) at the University of Warwick, and from September 2010 until the present he will be the Chair in Early Modern History of Europe at the European University Institute in Fiesole (Florence). 

Recent publications: The Global Renaissance: Cross-Cultural Objects in the Early Modern Period', co-author Marta Ajmar-Wollheim, in Global Design History, eds. Glenn Adamson, Giorgio Riello and Sarah Teasley, London 2011; 'La Repubblica di Venezia tra acque dolci e acque salse: investimenti tecnologici a Lizzafusina nel Rinascimento', in La civiltà delle acque tra Medioevo e Rinascimento, eds. Arturo Calzona and Daniela Lamberini, vol. II, Leo S. Olschki Editore, Florence 2010, pp. 447-472.