Guillermina Del Valle

She is a Mexican historian, with a research focus on social networks and commercial institutions, and Economic History of Colonial Mexico. She offers undergraduate and graduate courses in those areas. Her research and publications have centered on economic history of colonial Mexico in eighteen and nineteen-century. Received her PhD in History from El Colegio de Mexico, 1997. She has directed many postgraduate dissertations of students of the Institute Mora, including students of masters and doctoral degrees.

She is the author of El camino México-Puebla-Veracruz. Comercio poblano y pugnas entre mercaderes a fines de la época colonial, Mexico, Mexican National Archive, 1992. She is also the editor of over a half dozen books in Spanish, and she has published eighteen articles in different academic journals, and fifty-three chapters in scholarly books. Her most recent book is Finanzas piadosas y redes de negocios. Los mercaderes de la ciudad de México ante la crisis de Nueva España, 1804-1808, Mexico, Instituto de Investigaciones Dr. José María Luis Mora, 2012.

Currently, she is a researcher and postgraduate professor in the Instituto de Investigaciones Dr. José María Luis Mora (History and Social Sciences Institute Dr. José María Luis Mora). She is member of the Mexican National Research System (SNI), level II, and founder and treasurer of the Mexican Association of Economic History. She is also editor-in-chief of the América Latina en la Historia Económica journal, (Latin America in Economic History Journal), issn-p 1405-2253, and issn-e 2007-3496.