Bernd Hausberger

Bernd Hausberger received his Ph D in History from the University of Vienna (Austria). He was assistant professor at the Institute of Latin American Studies of Freie University in Berlin, and he is professor at El Colegio de México since 2006.

He has investigated and published on different topics of Spanish colonial history, Jesuit mission, mining and Basque networks. For now, he is working about the representations of the Mexican Revolution by international film industries and the reception and resignification of these movies in different global contexts. About this field  he has published "¡Viva Villa! Cómo Hollywood se apoderó de un héroe y el mundo se le quitó" (Historia Mexicana 62, 2013) and he is co-editor, with Raffaele Moro, of La Revolución Mexicana en el cine. Un acercamiento a partir de la mirada ítaloeuropea (2013).

He participated in the projects, which under the direction of Peter Feldbauer, University of Vienna, pioneered  Global History in German speaking world. He edited Im Zeichen des Kreuzes. Mission, Macht und Kulturtransfer seit dem Mittelalter (2004), Globale Lebensläufe. Menschen als Akteure im weltgeschichtlichen Geschehen (2006) and coedited, the eight volume serie Globalgeschichte. Die Welt 1000-2000 (2008-2011), of which he edited the volume about 17th century and ocedited the volume about 18th century.